Camp Mohawk by Conner

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On Wednesday we went to camp Mohawk.first we went around to check it out.Next we put our bags away and I sat down with Mrs Harris to play board game.we played connect  four and I wun. After that I went to play football and I was on the tractor. Next we had lunch and played outside. Then we went home. And this is the End.


Tilly’s first blog at Manor

Since I  been at manner I,v got better at my  writing and now I can use question marks. I am getting better at using my phonics in my reading and writing. I have got new friends called Conner and Ben.

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I like playing outside because it’s helping use up my energy. I sit on a special Cher to help me sit when I do my writing.I like this school because it help me do my homework.


Zac’s World Book Day

On world book day I dressed up as a funny lepurd. I went to different classes. I went  to Miss Tomsun class I sor Miss Tomsun dressed up as Smee and captin hook was funny. The undur pants storee made me luff because the undur pants wer stripee. It was fun.

By Zac

Kian’s World Book Day Fun

I dressed up. As. A. Spider-Man on world book day. We went to different classes.  Miss Tompsun dressed up as a pirut called smee. Kaptin hook was funny because she had funny hair. In Miss Tompsuns class we made under pants like kaptin underpants. I liked makin the pants.

By Kian

World Book Day by Ismaeel

We all dressd up like book characters . Then we went in a different  class  with Mrs  Haris  and Mr Lafeya. What did we do?  We played super heroes games and we saved the super heroes  in the hall. They were frozen in the cup.  We had to go on the mats and on the climbing frame so we weren’t stuck in the larva.  So it was a good day.

Ismaeel’s exciting news

I have  exciting news  to tell you.

I have a new baby brother and he can cry  and my baby  brother  can smile  and he got beautiful eyes and his hands is lovely.  I love him  so much and I very  proud of him and I like my baby brother clothes. Now I am a big brother.

Making people successful!


Mrs. Harris has won 3 trophies for being excellent at Darts!

The cup is for her team coming top in the league, the one with red on the sides is for winning the Doubles competition with her friend and the one with the star is for winning the Individual competition! We are so proud of her! Well done Mrs. Harris!

Children in Need

I am Wearing miy own clos becos  it is  children in need to day  . I  hav a pawnd  for school. The  school will giv it to charity. Then  other pepl  wil haf food lic us.

By Zac

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We are off to a flying start!

Goldfinch class is off to a flying start, and the children are already showing progress in their learning. If you haven’t done so already, please take a look at Goldfinch Class video on the school website and let us know what you think. The Goldfinches LOVE watching themselves in this video and are so proud to show how they learn.

Mrs. Lee